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With our ever increasing connectivity, humans are losing focus at a faster rate than ever. Focus is a muscle that we can work on in order to get the most out of our work day. However, if we don’t how to tone that muscle, we will remain distracted at work. The following are tips to help you increase your focus at work.


Music can either be a wonderful tool or a humongous distraction when it comes to your focus. You know yourself best. If any music at all is distracting to you, turn it off while working. If you can handle a light jazz mix and you find that it helps you stay focused, go with that. Typically, music containing lyrics takes your focus away from the work at hand. Because our minds are wired to try to decipher language, we are instantly distracted whether we know it or not. The speed, or tempo of the music always plays a part in your focus. The faster the music, the faster most people work. Again, this is not true for everyone, so find what type of music works for you and use it to your benefit.

Reward Yourself

People often underestimate the power of rewarding themselves. Did you just finish a project ahead of schedule? Reward yourself! Take yourself out of the office for a special treat. Without rewards, our brains will lose the incentive to focus.


These days, many of our work lives live and die by email. This makes it all the more important to unplug from time to time. Completely log out of your email and social media for half an hour in the morning, during the day, and at night. By doing this, you can completely focus on the task at hand without a notification popping up on your screen, pulling your focus away.


Humans are said to have an attention span of eight seconds. Our ability to survive and thrive at work depends on increased focus. With these two warring truths, we must take it upon ourselves to increase our focus. By using music, rewarding yourself for a job well done and remembering to unplug throughout the day, we can keep our focus level where it needs to be.