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How can you wake up early every day and maybe even enjoy it? Regardless of whether you’re a morning person or a night owl, you will have to wake up early in your life. How do you make this as painless as possible? Let’s explore sleep hygiene. This is your behaviors leading up to sleep. With good sleep hygiene, you’ll sleep well and wake up feeling refreshed and motivated.

Consistency with Wake up and Sleep Times

This is often the most important factor. First, determine what time you need to wake up to get to work on time, then subtract the amount of sleep you need. Ideally you should be getting 7-9 hours per night. Once you’ve determined your bedtime and wake up time, stick to it every day of the week, even on the weekends. This will make the chore of waking up early that much earlier because your body will become more and more used to it.

Pre-Bedtime Routine

Find a routine to calm yourself before bed. Meditation is a very effective tool. Limit screen use before bedtime and stick to your own rules. You’ll be surprised what a big difference this little chance makes. The light on these screens tells your brain it is light outside and it messes with your circadian rhythm. This will help you fall asleep faster. You can also use apps that change the blue light on your screen that will adjust the color based on the time of day.

Find and Alarm System that Works for You

You can use your phone or an app like SpinCycle, Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock, which estimates your sleep cycle and tries to wake you up during one of your lightest periods. Wake up lights are also very helpful in staying motivated to wake up early. This is a smart lightbulb system that you can plug into regular sockets. It’s a dedicated alarm clock that uses light to wake you up. Another word on lighting, when you are sleeping, the room should be as pitch black as possible. Avoid napping during the day as this will make it harder to fall asleep later. It decreases the sleep debt that is necessary for sleep onset.

By following the above tips, you will eventually become a morning person. You will see just how much you can accomplish in a day by waking up early. You will wake up refreshed and ready to take on the day! All of this will translate to less stress. Try this out for a couple of weeks yourself and see how it works!