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Do you want to be a motivational speaker? Or maybe you just enjoy listening to them. Either way, learning what it is that makes a speaker effective will enhance your own communication. Great motivational speakers share three things in common: self-awareness,  integrity and confidence.


Typically, the most self-aware people are also the most interesting to listen to and learn from. Because a self aware person knows what they are good at, they are able capitalize on that strength. For example, maybe you have a knack for great storytelling. If you are not self aware enough to know this, you may not use it. On the flip side, someone who understands their ability to tell a great story will do just that, captivating audiences in the process. The more self-aware a speaker, the better. This self awareness even allows someone to poke fun at themselves, which everyone enjoys.


Great motivational speakers are people of integrity. Of course the exception to this rule is if someone with a sordid past is now changing their ways and inspiring others to do the same, but in general, motivational speakers must have integrity. Profitable Venture writes that “if you love cutting corners and want to inspire others to do the same, you can never become a motivational speaker.”


A timid presentation will never capture an audience. Confidence is a key trait in any motivational speaker. Don’t have it? That’s ok. There are easy ways to work on your confidence. Mental visualization techniques as well as deep breathing exercises work to calm your nerves. This is help you deliver the speech that you know you are capable of, without being inhibited by nerves. The more confident you feel, the more comfortable your audience will be.

Listening to a motivational speaker is an amazing way to get energized about life. Whether it’s via podcast, Youtube or live, the experience will captivate you and stick with you. That being said, motivational speakers must be self-aware, have integrity and confidence in order to truly meet their audience’s needs.