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Since the beginning of business, companies have been working diligently to figure out how exactly to get every member of the organization to work as productively as possible. Most commonly there has been the push of numbers and data to drive people into working efficiently, but, what if there was a better way? Number and data are void of emotion and leave people feeling less than satisfied. Turns out, if you can successfully motivate your employees they are more likely to perform productively because they will want to! Here’s what you need to know about motivation and the workplace.

You want people to lose themselves in their work

When someone is motivated to work they will willingly lose themselves in it for hours at a time- they enjoy it and feel satisfaction upon reaching their goals. If you can build upon this feeling and keep them motivated your business will thrive. When people like what they are doing and feel that their role is important- they will enjoy their work, do it for longer, and be excited about the next task.

Employees are more distracted now than ever before

Due to open-offices and increased use of technology, the real issue is attention span over anything else. Employees need to feel passionate about their work in order to execute it in a productive manner so it is vital they feel motivated to do so.

How to do it:

So, you know what you need to do, but, how do you do it?
Increase your efforts- You need to constantly connect people’s goals to something bigger. They need to know that what they are doing is of value and always contributing to something bigger. Remind them that what they are doing matters.

Incorporate a digital infrastructure- If your employees are primarily working online, have a platform readily available that constantly pushes work to them. This platform needs to work seamlessly and easily so they can log in and get done what needs to be done.
Give your employees the opportunity to put their best effort forward- Give them the tools and skill set and let them perform. When someone feels free to imagine and be innovative, their best work will come out and your company will undoubtedly benefit from it.

The takeaway here? Motivation matters and is the key to making the modern business a success. Apply what you have learned here and watch your business transform!