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Many say that motivation is similar to personal cleanliness – it must be renewed daily for optimal efficiency. If you’ve found that the drudgery of your long-term job has drained the motivation from you, here are four ways that you can renew your motivation and improve your happiness.
Remember Why You Started

Instead of remembering why you first started your job, you begin to only look at your present situation which may not be ideal. Then you begin to judge your entire career’s success by your current position. This can lead to a feeling of defeat, complacency, or unhappiness. If these feelings begin to set in and kill your motivation for your job, take some time to remember why you started your job and how it’s improved your life thus far.

Upgrade Instead of Replace

When you begin to grow bored or disillusioned with your current job, your first instinct may be to quit your current company and find employment elsewhere. Before you take this massive step towards changing your current career path, consider changing your current position within the same company instead. Many companies maintain websites that post job openings within the company. Searching their website would allow you to find open positions in different departments. While you may need to take a pay cut, the change in scenery and job duties could renew your spark of motivation for your career.

Keep Your Eyes on Your Future

The work you do every day for your job isn’t just to the benefit of your company. These duties also benefit you in many ways. The most prominent way they benefit you is by improving your abilities and reputation as you advance along your career path. While the duties and responsibilities you have now may not be conducive to your current level of motivation, you have to keep your eyes on the future. Your career path will depend on the networks you build, the reputation you maintain, and the skills you acquire. Right now, things may be mundane and boring, but all of your hard work will pay off in the end. Remember this to help keep you motivated.

Think Change

It’s easy to lose your motivation when you think that what you’re doing isn’t important. You’re not the only person to ever feel this way. You can remedy this feeling by looking into your department at how improvements can be made and make suggestions to upper management. This feeling of making a positive difference in your workplace can provide an incredible boost to your motivation.