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In a perfect world, we would all work for someone who knows exactly how to motivate us to do our best work. Unfortunately, this is not the case and some managers simply do not know how or do not care to motivate their employees. View this as an opportunity to learn how to motivate yourself.

Know yourself

The first step toward internal motivation is to understand the type of praise that pushes you forward. Sometimes it may be hard to see the direct results of your work, but make it a point to remind yourself that you are affecting change. Find the aspect of the job that motivates you most and focus on it.
Evaluate your own performance

One way that ineffective managers undermine motivation is by not giving sufficient feedback. Take matters into your own hands and evaluate your own performance. You can also look to peers for an objective performance review. Just because your boss is not providing feedback, does not mean you can’t seek it out yourself.
Focus on Learning

By shifting the focus of your work from performing perfectly to consistently learning and improving, you create the conditions for both heightened motivation and success. Remind yourself daily that you are in an environment ripe for learning opportunities. If you see someone excelling at a particular task, take note of how they do it, or even better, ask them! Your manager may be only results-oriented but if you shift your focus to one of learning, you can remind yourself that failures are an opportunity for growth and they happen daily.

“Employees have more control than they realize over their ability to build and sustain motivation in the workplace,” says Heidi Grant Halvorson, a motivational psychologist and author of Nine Things Successful People Do Differently. Sometimes you will need to find your own motivation in the workplace, and you can do so through knowing yourself and what makes you tick, evaluating yourself and asking for feedback, and viewing work as a constant opportunity to learn new things!