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Types of Motivation: Part One

What motivates you in your daily life? Most people are motivated by a combination of factors. Perhaps you are fueled to go to the gym by extrinsic motivation. You want to look great. However, when you play fetch with your dog, you do it because it makes you feel...

Most Common Motivation Killers

Motivation is derived from the word ’motive’ which means needs, desires, wants or drives within individuals. But motivation can be a tricky thing. We all need it in order to accomplish our goals, career and otherwise. But it can come and go throughout the day, even...

Confidence Plus Humility Equals Success

There are many equations in life. One plus one equals two, a squared plus b squared equals c squared, and confidence plus humility equals success. Ok, perhaps you did not learn this one in math class but this equation is crucial in all aspects of life but especially...


Welcome to Mitch Eaglstein’s motivation blog. Here, he’ll share posts about his struggles with Tourette’s and the lessons he has learned in overcoming adversity and finding success.