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These days, there is an app for everything. Fittingly, there are plenty of apps designed specifically to keep you motivated.

Wonderful Day

Are you someone who likes making a checklist and working off of it? If so, this is the app for you. Wonderful Day helps you set your daily goals and which days of the weeks you want to do them, and then mark them off on a daily calendar. The system is simple and visually appealing. If you achieve the goal you have set, you receive a green dot. If you don’t, you’ll receive a red dot. The longer you keep your streak going, the better!

The Rock Clock

The Rock Clock is an app created with Dwayne, “The Rock,” Johnson fans in mind. It first starts your day with a motivational message alarm, and absolutely no snooze button, because the Rock doesn’t hit snooze. You can customize this app to send you motivational quotes throughout the day or at specific times. Included is a healthy dose of funny quotes from the Rock. This app is mainly intended to keep you committed to your fitness goals, but it can be used for any goal.

Thinkup: Positive Affirmations

Using the Thinkup app, you’ll find affirmations related to different areas of life including your career, fitness, weight loss, and relationships. You can personalize these affirmations as well as connect with a community of users and share your recommendations for staying uplifted. This app is extremely useful for meeting others and using them as an accountability measure.

Motivate: Daily Motivation

Motivate is the perfect app if you need guidance from someone with experience. The app curates videos from the best mentors, and then delivers these videos to you on a daily basis. These videos span a wide variety of topics, tone and genre. Perhaps a tough love motivational video is what you need. The Motivate app can give you that. Or maybe you are in the mood for more of a softer approach, the Motivate app can give you that as well.

Whether you are looking for motivation for a fitness, personal or professional goal, there is an app that can help you stay on track.