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Mitch Eaglstein

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Mitch EaglsteinMitch Eaglstein is an experienced Technology Executive at the helm of Forex Development Corporation. Mr. Eaglstein is responsible for leading the development and execution of the Company’s long-term strategy with the primary focus to enhance shareholder value. He ensures the Company has necessary organizational and technology infrastructure and is responsible for deploying Capex and approving budgets.

Mitch Eaglstein has well over a decade of professional experience. He began his first startup when he was still in college, became COO of a Regulated financial company just a few years later, and by the age of 33 he had founded his own company. Yet this journey to success was not without its share of bumps in the road — and Mr. Eaglstein has made it his mission to share these experiences (and the lessons they imparted) with others.

One of the most formative influences on Mr. Eaglstein’s overall perspective of life was his childhood struggle with Tourette’s Syndrome:

Because I overcame adversity at a young age, I was able to build a tolerance to things that aren’t enjoyable. This has allowed me to stay the course and take chances in my career which have paid off in some ways and provided valuable learning experience in others.

Mitch Eaglstein

This perspective, combined with a diverse career history, has inspired him to speak up and share what he has learned. He hopes to motivate others so that they are better equipped to deal with the myriad of challenges that they will inevitably come across in their careers.

Mr. Eaglstein believes that one of the most important things that must be figured out early on in one’s career is attitude. Confidence plus humility equals success. When things are going well it is important to focus on humility. and when things are going badly one must focus on confidence. This has helped Mr. Eaglstein achieve high positions of leadership and stay the course as the roles of technology quickly evolve for the retail forex market.

Prior to founding Forex Development Corporation, Mr. Eaglstein held various executive leadership roles in companies such as Traders Development, LLC, Avalon Capital Holdings Corporation, FXCM Systems, LLC (one of the largest forex broker-dealers in the world), and Boston Technologies. He has also participated in several panel discussions as distinguished industry experts in various forex related conferences and tradeshows.

Mitch Eaglstein created this blog to share his own story and help others overcome obstacles to find success. Stay tuned!